September 10, 2017 Precision Marketing Partners

What to Say in Your Direct Mail Marketing Material

Set your medical practice apart by creating a direct mail marketing campaign to target your local area. Address a specific niche, send a piece made from recycled paper, or use a novelty design that shows your unique philosophy. Follow through by highlighting the value you offer.

  • Mention any technology that your competitors don’t have;
  • List special offers you have that encourage patients to call during quieter periods;
  • Tell your audience about a medical paper you wrote recently, or an exam you passed.

Make sure your patients are aware of how your practice is different and encourage them to ask questions.

Health Care Education

Most people look for a family doctor during times of good health. Sending out direct mail campaigns that encourage preventive health care informs patients about the services you offer and educates them about managing their health. Let people in your area know about your specialty, so when they need attention for that specific condition, they know you treat it.

Direct mail remains a powerful way to reach both current and prospective patients. You need to implement direct mail regularly and well for it to work. Design an attractive brochure or flier, make sure you use an up-to-date mailing database, personalize the letters, and track the responses. Tracking will help you know what worked in the future.

Optional Services

Your office may offer additional services that patients may not know about. Do you have someone who provides massages for physical therapy patients? Many dentists offer cosmetic services. An excellent time to talk about this category of service is toward the end of the year, when people look at their Health Savings Account balances. Time the mailing so a new patient can respond and get an appointment before the end of the calendar year.

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