Effective offline marketing

      • Ensures that you have all your marketing bases covered 
      • Reaches different segments of your target markets 
      • Keeps your business top of mind with customers 

Print is an important element to a cross-channel strategy

Online marketing opened up a world of access to potential customers, but it didn’t replace the real-world marketing channels that have worked for a century. Direct mail, magazine ads, billboards, radio spots, promotional products, vehicle wraps, and other print pieces—work all of the time for some businesses, and some of the time for all businesses. We can help you figure out the right marketing mix for your business.

Every Door Direct Mail

Depending on who you are trying to reach, direct mail can achieve better response rates and greater visibility than online marketing efforts. Other times, a mix of online and offline advertising works best to cover your ideal audience segment.

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is an affordable way to promote your small business in your local community with a cheaper postage rate. If you’re having a sale, opening a new location, or offering coupons, EDDM can help you send postcards and flyers to the right customers. You can saturate specific neighborhoods with targeted advertising without ever having to purchase a mailing list.

Make sure your real-world marketing supports your website and digital marketing efforts. Call us for your perfect media mix!


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