June 3, 2016 Greg Fawcett

Is Facebook Still Useful for Your Practice?

Many business people thought the game was over when Facebook began suppressing business posts in favor of friends and family interactions. The game is not over.

Facebook was only briefly a place where businesses could build relationships with clients for free; today, it is one of the best low-cost advertising platforms ever invented. You need to know how to make it work for you.

The key to winning on Facebook is to add value. You will need to spend money to be heard. However, the more value you provide to your audience and community, the less you need to spend.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

      • Marketing on Facebook lets you reach people who don’t even know that they need a business like yours, based on their similarity to people who do.
      • A tracking pixel on your website lets you put content in front of people who visited your website AND people like people who visited your website.
      • Uploading your email list into Facebook lets you put content in front of people on your email list AND in front of people like people on your list. (These are called Lookalike Audiences—contact us to learn more about how to use them in paid Facebook marketing.)
      • You can also advertise to people who live within 25 miles of your business and like cats, or hate cats, or nearly any other category of likes and dislikes.

Facebook Audience Insights

Have you noticed trends in the patients who come to your practice? It’s very likely that you can identify three or four different personas and individuals that fit into each category. When gaining insights about your patients through Facebook, consider the age, gender, concerns, frustrations, and goals of each persona.

Audience Insights show in-depth demographic information about page followers–age, gender, location, interests, education, marital status, and more.

This information is free and valuable. Using this data, you can create content and ads targeting the types of people who are already engaging with you. By customizing your messaging to their interests, you’ll naturally gain more engagement.

Conversely, this information can help identify any missing demographics you may have among your base of followers. These insights let you adjust the way you create content to communicate better with your target market.

Discover Patient Personas

To identify the types of patients engaging through Facebook, go to the Insights tab on your business page and scroll to people. You’ll find valuable data here. Look at who your page is attracting, posts engagement, and what posts capture the most likes and comments. This information will help you write better posts and ads. If you’re not attracting your ideal audience, you can alter your content strategy as needed.

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