December 2, 2017 Precision Marketing Partners

8 Reasons to Send Out Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are undervalued tools, due in part to the negative hype surrounding email spam. Here at Precision Marketing Partners, the leading Raleigh marketing agency, we believe they are getting a bad rap, though. Email newsletters are a quick, easy, affordable, and direct way of communicating with your customers and target market. Futhermore, newsletters offer an opportunity to personalize your correspondence and interact with the customers to get feedback. You can also track inbound marketing leads generated by the newsletter using simple analytics. Here are eight reasons your company should send out regular email newsletters:

Reason #1: Email marketing builds your database of potential customers.

Every business needs a loyal following. But to have a following, you need to give your target audience something to follow. An email newsletter gives your customers something to follow and gives you a database of people who know your business. From the viewpoint of a Raleigh marketing agency, this is invaluable.

Reason #2: Develop a reputation for providing valuable information.

The single biggest reason customers will choose your company over a competitor is that they know you or trust you. Build up this relationship by providing regular information that’s helpful through your newsletter. You will develop the customer’s confidence in your expertise and a reputation for providing valuable information. When your customer needs you, he will know whom to call and where to find you.

Reason #3: Remind your customers of your existence.

The most conscientious person might forget about your products and services if they don’t use them for six months. A Raleigh marketing agency’s tried-and-tested methods include reminding people about what you can do by sending newsletters containing product info, success stories, promos, and discounts.

Reason #4: Produce fresh SEO content for your website.

You know you have to produce material for your website regularly for the search engines to index you, correct? Well, whatever you put in the newsletter makes for good website content too. And it’s not even necessary to repurpose it; publish each newsletter on your site at the same time as you send it. Regular email marketing creates content, a resource for customers, and your website gets updated with fresh material, too.

Reason #5: Give yourself something to tweet.

Finding something to post on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter regularly can be a real bind. Well, the good news is you or your Raleigh marketing agency only needs to do it once. Whatever you put in your newsletter, you can post on your social media profiles. For best results, publish the newsletter on your website and include links to content on your site. After publishing, tweet and Facebook the same links. That way, you drive traffic to your website with your tweet.

Reason #6: Email can deliver news directly to your customer’s desktop.

Customers won’t know until you tell ‘em, right? Right. If you don’t buy print or television ads, or your story won’t generate much PR, use email. Newsletters are ONE way your customer base learns about new developments with your company, products or services, and special offers. If you can get your Raleigh marketing agency to link it to your website and drive some traffic, so much the better.

Reason #7: Email is more effective than print publications.

Email is not only cheaper and better targeted but may also be read more than print publications. Not everyone opens every email newsletter they receive. However, if you design it cleverly, the subject line includes the important information. Then, your customers can view enough in the preview pane to make them want to open the message.

Reason #8: Email can generate sales leads.

Interactivity is everything. Make it easy to interact with you by including links. Link to the newest item for sale, your social media profiles, a discussion forum, live cha, and email address and telephone. Don’t make buyers hunt for info on a product you’re promoting. Put information upfront in your newsletter, deliver it to their inbox, and make it simple to contact you or buy online.

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